4. Loren Eiseley

Moyna Flannigan — Conscious Figures

            Moyna Flannigan wants her paintings to feel like believable places, without representing anything specifically in the real world. Images of fictional characters, her work casts a critical (and often humorous) eye on the effects of power on identity. We visit her in her studio by the sea to learn more: how she uses collage, her interest in the choreographer Pina Bausch, and why she believes her paintings don’t tell stories.

Produced, directed and edited by Marissa Keating, Glasgow.

            Artists in Profile is a series of films that explore the ideas, materials and processes of some of the best-known contemporary artists working today. Filmed in the artists’ studios from Argyll & Bute to Berlin; in train stations, a primary school, the shore of a loch, and the Glasgow Necropolis; these videos aim to give an insight into the spaces where artists create their work, and the places that inspire them. Produced by the National Galleries of Scotland by Becky Manson.