4. Loren Eiseley

Queer Times School

            Commissioned to document queer timɘs school assemblies held in museum sites, archives, libraries and other public institutions in Glasgow between 23 and 27 July 2018.

             queer timɘs school
is an art and citizenship project commissioned by the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow from queer, socially-engaged artist Jason E Bowman. It is about heritage from the perspective of citizens. The aim is for LGBTPQI people – and their allies – to share in history-making through chronicling some of the complex histories, controversies, breakthroughs and experiences that have shaped queer Scottish life over the past 50 years.

queer timɘs school is about stepping-stones as much as about recognised milestones. It aims to recognise the important heritage of LGBTPQI+A people as organisers, campaigners, shape-shifters, change-makers and community-builders. This could be about involvement in or experiences of: organising discos; setting up switchboards, support groups and social groups; being the first generation of people living with HIV/AIDS, and being the first generation to care them; running or going to bars, clubs and club-nights, including venues that no longer exist; establishing charities, organisations and projects, short and long-term; being involved in protests and campaign; collecting and distributing information about law, repeal, rights and issues; formal and informal archiving; organising, protesting and campaigning etc.

            queer timɘs school prints is an exhibition exploring aspects of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Polysexual, Queer, Intersex + Allies (LGBTPQI+A) histories and experiences in Scotland from the past 50 years. Opening on World Aids Day, this exhibition is part of the art and citizenship project commissioned and acquired by Glasgow Museums from Jason E Bowman, an artist with a curatorial practice.

Between 23 and 27 July 2018 queer timɘs school participants attended assemblies held in museum sites, archives, libraries and other public institutions in Glasgow. Researchers, activists, archivists, art and social historians, scientists, curators and artists presented on conditions affecting LGBTPQI+A lives and histories, and their organisation. Ten artists were subsequently commissioned to produce prints relating to concerns identified by regular participants of the queer timɘs school from their analysis of these assemblies.

It was proposed at the queer timɘs school that the prints be made available to Glasgow’s secondary schools. A qualified teacher who participated in the queer timɘs school has prepared provisional lesson plans that accompany the prints – copies of these are placed within the gallery space.